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Finally, August 1, 2013 is when I launch this blog --- I have already written a few articles, it is just that I wasn't done with the development of the blog engine that powers this blog, created using Ruby, Sinatra and a number of other technologies.

TE for Technical Ecstasy

I already missed two launch dates, July 4 and July 15 of 2013, that I had set for myself. July 4 would have been a good day, as it was around that time that I wrote the article on Higgs Boson, and it was the first anniversary of the experimental discovery of the particle. It also happens to be the independence day of the USA, the land I call home for over 25 years.

I must admit that I am still not done, as of this writing, developing all the features I had planned for the blog engine for its first release. But I was hellbent on not delaying past August first! As a reader it'll not make much difference to you. What remains is mostly admin stuff, information similar to what one can get by registering with web-site analytics providers. But I decided to develop my own. It is by no means as extensive as industrial-strength analytics, but something that will satisfy my needs for now.

 Hatched!  © 2010 by Don Jensen

The other feature is a subscription (notification) management interface page, which will make it convenient for the readers who request notifications, to easily view and unsubscribe, if desired. But there's already a workaround for that --- one can use the same form at the bottom of the articles, used to subscribe to notifications, to also unsubscribe --- just provide your name and email and uncheck the appropriate item and submit.

When the subscription management page is ready, hopefully soon, a link will be provided in the notification emails to subscribers.

Welcome to my blog. I certainly hope that you'll enjoy the articles on these pages and provide some feedback, so I can make it better in future.

Thanks for visiting.


I tested the site with several devices and browsers. Of the ones I tested it on, the only one that didn't work is IE8. You can still read it on IE8, but the layout will probably look a little crooked. If you have access to other browsers, I'd request that you view this on one of those browsers. Also, if for any reason you have JavaScript turned off on your browser, you may not be able to post any comments.