The Debut

01 AUGUST 2013 | General | General | 480 | 943 | 7

Finally, August 1, 2013 is when I launch this blog --- I have already written a few articles, it is just that I wasn't done with the development of the blog engine that powers this blog, created using Ruby, Sinatra and a number of other technologies.

I already missed two launch dates, July 4 and July 15 of 2013, that I had set for myself. July 4 would have been a good day, as it was around that time that I wrote the article on Higgs Boson, and it was the first anniversary of the experimental discovery of the particle. It also happens to be the independence day of the USA, the land I call home for over 25 years.   >>>

The Moral of the Story

15 JULY 2013 | General | General | 1100 | 1062 | 10

It was my first day after I returned from a vacation. There was a resumé on my desk, with a yellow post-it note attached to it. It was from my boss (let’s just call her Jennifer). It read: "Ahsan, the resumé looks good to me. If you agree, please consider interviewing the candidate". It was a time when the economy was booming. It seemed like we were perpetually in a hiring mode. My then boss, Jennifer, was polite, respectful, full of empathy, and an all around pleasant personality whose presence would brighten anyone's day. The memory of those days still warm my heart.   >>>