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Hello! My name is Ahsan Sharafuddin. You can just call me Ahsan.

If you're on this page because you wanted to know the person behind this blog, below you'll probably find more than you ever wanted to know!

I studied Physics and Electrical Engineering and at the beginning of my career also taught Physics and Mathematics at Universities at graduate and undergraduate levels. But I was always deeply curious about software development, since the days of TRS-80, Commodore-64 and Timex Sinclair. (Did I just give away my age!).

What about the rest of us who discuss all of the above?   Smiley face

I grew up mostly in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and partly in Chicago (USA) and Moscow (Russia). Fast forward to adulthood, for over 25 years now I’ve been living in Cleveland, Ohio (where the famous Michelson-Morley experiment was performed in 1887, home of several major sports teams and the Rock and Roll Museum and Hall of Fame), where I work for a mid-size corporation. I was, for about 15 years, involved with the development of Windows based systems in C++, and more recently in dot-net --- particularly C# and WPF --- and these are what I used to consider as my forté. Over time, however, my responsibilities at work have changed and I don’t get to do much development any more, if at all. Sigh!

To be honest, this is what keeps me awake at night! I am paranoid at the thought of losing my technical edge. Therefore, I spend a great deal of my personal time reading technical books/articles and coding for personal software projects that I take up from time to time. One such project was a Resource Scheduling and Optimizing System, and I gave it away to a major transportation logistics company that has its technology center in Cleveland, as I have moved on to other things.

I am convinced that writing will make me a better learner.

That was then. Over time my preference for the tools I use and the types of software development I do have changed too. I am more in to Ruby, Sinatra, Open Source, Web, Design and Photography these days. Having come from a .net based desktop development environment, this entails a lot of learning. This blog is another step towards this goal --- learning. I am convinced that writing will not only make me a better learner, but also a better designer and a better developer (perhaps even a better writer).

Like most people I also wear different hats. That of a person passionate about science and software. A son. A father. A husband. As I mentioned, I try to devote several hours after work to learning every day. The angel I’m married to makes this possible by efficiently managing almost all aspects of social and family life single-handedly. Our teenage son is also an endless source of intellectual stimulation. Hats-off to my family for the support.

I consider myself a secular humanist. That is, I believe that human beings are perfectly capable of being ethical and moral without religion or god.

I am ecstatic about all things technical, hence the name of my blog. But by now you know that there’s more to it, as you’ve already noticed the Black Sabbath album cover! Yes, I am also hooked to seventies and eighties rock-n-roll bands --- but only a very few specific ones. Heck, Black Sabbath is still rocking in 2013 (and even planning a tour soon)! So is Deep Purple.

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Enough about me. Let's talk about the blog.

On these pages I plan to write about software development and science. I may also write about other topics that may be of interest to me.

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In Closing

Russ Olsen, the author of some of the best books on Ruby, once said on his Design Patterns in Ruby book's website "I still think that a bad day building software is better than a good day at doing just about anything else". I couldn't agree more.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you’ll find it useful, and if you do, please visit from time to time.

If this is not your cup of tea, I’ll understand.